Pelvic floor Reconstruction

Pelvic Floor Reconstruction is the most common surgical intervention for uterine prolapse.

This operation can be done in some reconstruction sessions separated.

It’s possible to distinguish the reconstruction of the pelvic floor of the anterior septum than that of the posterior septum. Pelvic Floor Reconstruction of posterior septum serves to support the recto-vaginal sector. That of the anterior vaginal septum, instead, repairs or strengthens the weak walls between the bladder and the vagina.  The latter restore the functionality of the bladder, while avoiding interference with sexual life.

The rate of success of Pelvic Floor Reconstruction of the anterior vaginal septum stands at 70-90%. There is, however, the possibility that the prolapse happen again. If this occurs, the patient may have a prolapse either in the same industry or in another point of the vagina.

The surgery can be done under local anesthesia, regional or general. The possible techniques are many and vary according to the seriousness of the situation. In the presence of a severe prolapse or if you need to perform another operation, could be used knitted absorbable prosthesis to reinforce the anterior vaginal septum.