Our team

Prof. Sandro Bordin Primary S.S. Civil Hospital Giovanni e Paolo in Venice
Dr. Prof. Zanasi Stefano Head of Orthopedics III - Prosthetic Surgery and Minimally Invasive Computer Assisted
Dr. Prof. Adolfo Panfili Physician-Surgeon, specializing in Orthopedics
Dr. Prof . Massimiliano Iannuzzi Mungo Head of U.O. General Surgery
Dr. Prof. Giorgio Ghilardi Specialist in General and Vascular Surgery
Anna Elisabetta Bauce Executive Assistance
Sibilla Paccanaro Marketing Manager
Marco Pronestì Chief Information Officer
Dott. Claudio Paccanaro Founder & Honorary President
Davide Agostini USA - Patient care
Troy Young USA - Relations
Tatiana Bradescu Moldavia - Relations
Anastasia Volkova Russia - Relations
Nicola Schiavon Software Development
Zouhra Tassount Arabia – Relations Manager
Amber Reine Jenkins Directional Agency-Irvine
Ciara Smith Directional Agency - Florida
Sonia Mantovani Associate Employee