Given the complexity of childbirth it is crucial to provide maternal and child the best medical treatment.

Childbirth can be natural or cesarean.

During the natural birth a specialized team that ensures the smooth outcome of the procedure and promptly responds to any complication assists the mother. Since the natural birth is painful, the mother may be given an epidural.

Caesarean section can be chosen out of necessity or preference of medical. It consists in a simple surgical operation the duration of no more than 30-45 minutes. First, the surgeon makes an incision to extract the baby. When this was finished then continues with the removal of the placenta and the uterus with cleaning and re-sewing. Usually by Caesarean section is performed general anesthesia, so the mother can touch his son immediately.

Medications used following a Caesarean section does not interfere with breastfeeding. Postoperative complications are rare, but may include bleeding and fevers. Generally, following a caesarean birthhospitalization for the mother it is longer than in the case of natural childbirth and at least 24 hours are needed before it can resume walking.