Thyroid check-up

Thyroid Check Up permits to keep under control its correct functionality, and it is suggested that all patients that have familiarity with such thyroid illnesses, women in a fertile age, but even women in pre or post -menopause, and also men whose relatives who have had thyroid alterations in the past, or that manifest localized swelling, pain or difficulty in swallowing and breathing.

The bad functionality of thyroid gland can alter the state of health in general of a person, with symptoms that cause difficulty in concentration, tiredness, or change in menstrual cycle or weight control.

This Thyroid Check Up offers patients the opportunity to effect in short bursts a series of finalized investigations to evaluate one’s own overall health state and eventual presence of clinically silent illnesses.

The first phase of the Thyroid Check Up requires the health history of the person from their referral doctor, and this consists of collecting data regarding lifestyle habits, present and past illnesses, eventual pharmacological therapies and the patient’s clinic exam. After patient history, follows a series of investigations and specialized visits from the Internist Coordinator at the end of the Thyroid Check Up.







What does this consists of?

The following test will be performed:


·         Blood Tests


·         Endocrinology Visit

·         Thyroid Ultrasound

How to prepare for the exam:

·         no food and water from midnight;


·         1 day (6 hours);

Clinical Service:

·         Double visit from an Internist (Circular Path);

·         Deepening and custom personalization in the package;

Added services: 

·         Processing of applications in Italy

·         Welcoming at the airport and accompaniment to the hotel (including car, driver and native interpreter)

·         Accompaniment from the hotel to the hospital, meeting at the hospital’s reception with doctors, processing of applications (including car, driver and native interpreter)

·         Taking charge from the hospital with processing of applications and accompaniment to the hotel (including car, driver and native interpreter)

·         Accompaniment from the hotel to the airport until time of boarding (including car, driver and native interpreter)