Swollen Belly check-up

The Swollen Belly Check Up is suggested to all patients that want to keep their health under control and, in a particular way, all those patients that have recurring gastrointestinal disturbances.

Having a swollen stomach is a common problem for many people, in majority women, a condition that provokes a notable discomfort: the sensation is an unpleasant discomfort of the unnaturally swollen abdomen which is a very annoying condition to have.

The Swollen Belly Check Up consents the observation of the gastric tract and the prevention of recurring pathogens, by effecting investigations in bursts of a series of finalized investigations to evaluate one’s own health and eventual presence of clinically silent illnesses.

After patient history, follows a series of investigations and specialized visits from the Internist Coordinator at the end of this Swollen Belly Check Up.






What does this consists of?

The following test will be performed:


·         Blood Tests

·         Stool Blood Content

·         Intolerance Tests for food products and lactose

·         Breath test HP

·         Colic Recolonization

·         Intestinal Transit Times Test


·         Gastroenterological Visit

·         Superior Abdomen Ultrasound

How to prepare for the exam:

·         no food and water from midnight;


·         1 day (6 hours);

Clinical Service:

·         Double visit from an Internist (Circular Path);

·         Deepening and custom personalization in the package;

Added services: 

·         Processing of applications in Italy

·         Welcoming at the airport and accompaniment to the hotel (including car, driver and native interpreter)

·         Accompaniment from the hotel to the hospital, meeting at the hospital’s reception with doctors, processing of applications (including car, driver and native interpreter)

·         Taking charge from the hospital with processing of applications and accompaniment to the hotel (including car, driver and native interpreter)

·         Accompaniment from the hotel to the airport until time of boarding (including car, driver and native interpreter)



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