Osteoporosis check-up

An Osteoporosis Check Up is useful for the prevention of fractured bones and is aimed at young women who are in post-menopause, that also have had non-traumatic provoked fractures. Furthermore, it is suggested for men over the age of 70, subjects that have had prolonged treatments using cortisone, patients that suffer from chronic insufficient liver functionality or hyperparathyroidism.

The Osteoporosis Check Up has the objective to favor the careful treatment of pathologies through clinic exams and equipment that can determine the presence of osteoporosis and the degree of risk of fracture from fragility and determine the source from certain conditions and factors of risk. The Check up involves two phases: the first phase of the check up requires patient history from their referred doctor, and consists in the collection of data regarding lifestyle habits, present illnesses and past ones, eventual pharmaceutical treatments and the clinic exam of the patient. Following patient history, comes a series of investigations and specialized visits.






What does this consists of?

The following test will be performed:


·         Blood Tests

·         Complete Urine test

·         Stool Blood Content


·         Bone Mineral Density (BMD) of the lumbar column and femur

·         Endocrinology Visit

How to prepare for the exam:

·         no food and water from midnight;


·         1 day (6 hours);

Clinical Service:

·         Double visit from an Internist (Circular Path);

·         Deepening and custom personalization in the package;

Added services: 

·         Processing of applications in Italy

·         Welcoming at the airport and accompaniment to the hotel (including car, driver and native interpreter)

·         Accompaniment from the hotel to the hospital, meeting at the hospital’s reception with doctors, processing of applications (including car, driver and native interpreter)

·         Taking charge from the hospital with processing of applications and accompaniment to the hotel (including car, driver and native interpreter)

·         Accompaniment from the hotel to the airport until time of boarding (including car, driver and native interpreter)



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