About Us

Who we are?

MTI Med Top Italy is an advanced organization dealing in medical tourism, unique in Italy for:

– The hospitalization and treatment in excellent healthcare facilities
– Hotel and tourist accommodation for relatives and assistants
– Assistance with bureaucratic procedures and visas;
– Post operative follow up in excellent wards with teams of doctors and nurses
– We are available 24/7

Our clinics touch every aspect of healthcare, with particular regard for:
– Other rare pathologies and operations such as TRANSPLANTS.

This allows us to answer to the most critical healthcare needs of people from all over the world. We started our work with the objective of providing precise and detailed information relative to medical tourism and to answer to the needs of users coming from outside the European Union, that wish to be treated in the Italian healthcare facilities. Our job is to help medical tourism facilitators and hospitals to understand in depth the patient’s problems and ameliorate their services to supply the best doctors, in the best hospitals, with the best equipment together with the best medical and scientific answer at the earliest convenience.

From the end of World War II to the present day, Italy has invested billions and billions to develop over the years an accessible national health service available to everyone, based on the continuous assessment of efficiency, of the training of the best doctors and research; for this reason Italy has some of the best doctors and surgeons in the world. For this reason Bloomberg Business for the year 2014 has placed Italy in 3rd place for having the most efficient healthcare system (after the city states of Hong Kong and Singapore). Italy is a huge set of hospitals at the service of the public well-being, with a lot of attention to social implications.

Med Top Italy has the privilege of supplying a timely answer to patients from all over the world which would like to come to Italy, answering to the need of the patient to have the best doctor, surgeon and facility with its own transfer services, complete, customized and well integrated healthcare services. Being well integrated means becoming part of a cohesive and closely knit team, working on hundreds of operations for decades and being trained for understanding the patient’s feelings and way of being.

The efficiency of the welcome, the hospitalization and treatment in excellent MTI healthcare facilities of the Extra-European patients and family is certified in particular:
– UNI EN ISO 20121:2008 for the Security of Data and the Welcoming of Extra European Patients

– UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 for the Quality Management System
– UNI EN ISO 27001:2005 for the Data Security Management System
– SA 8000 for Social Accountability.

MTI collaborates also with hospitals that are JCI accredited (Joint Commission international) which make Medical Tourism Italy the perfect healthcare operator to answer to the international patient’s needs (extra-EU) in Italy.

What do we do and which are our services?

MTI Med Top Italy is an organization which operates as a SCIENTIFIC SELECTOR of the facilities and specialists. We work as MEDIATORS between the extra-European patients and the best Italian specialists. We help and we represent the patients, sustaining them from the bureaucratic point of view.

We are an organizer
– We interpret the present, past and future pains, anxieties, expectations of the patient
– We assist with the booking of appointments with the doctors with the most expertise, of the best departments at the best hospitals, before during and after the treatment
– Organization of transport/hotel/tour – rehab center, accommodation, etc.
– Assistance with flights

We are a bridge
We are a mediator that interacts between the patient and the hospitals. Many patients would like to know the destination, a doctor, a provider of their own interest but many are the factors that could intervene becoming obstacles.
– Language barriers
– Different time zone
– Not knowing who to contact to ask for help

We are a sustaining representative
– Med Top Italy is essentially a representative of the patient which finds himself in a foreign country in a vulnerable position.
– If there are any problems in any part of the procedure, they have to be confronted and immediately solved.

We provide for one point of access, service and coordination for international patients and their families. Our services begin before the arrival of the patient and last for the whole duration of the travel. Our team is dedicated to satisfying the high standards in the most complete way and continuously assess the quality of the service.

Med Top Italy has access to one of the largest surgical networks and is an expert in complicated surgery cases. Our healthcare service is privileged and focused on results which are quick, convenient, flexible, trustworthy and successful.

We are your Med Top Agency in Italy!

Did you know?

According to Bloomberg Business, Italy has the most efficient health care system in the world after Hong Kong and Singapore and is one of the top countries in the world for its efficient, outstanding for its excellence and at the same time very affordable healthcare. Italy’s excellent and affordable healthcare is the result of strategic government spending in the health care sector since the end of World War II, investing billions and billions in hospitals and universities, building one of the most highly developed and advanced welfare states in the world. By almost any standard, Italy has one of the best healthcare systems in Europe and the World. The country’s public and private healthcare systems are constantly being upgraded – new hospitals, new equipment and a continuous improvement of staff training and its fame as a popular tourist destination makes Italy the global healthcare destination of the future.

Med Top Italy is your connection to the best treatments at the most affordable price. Let us show how our service can help you offer a superior quality care at affordable prices. With the safety and security of our fully accredited facilities in a location that feels more of a vacation and a cultural Grand tour rather than a doctor’s visit.

Our Team

Our team is dedicated to providing personalized attention to patients from the USA, Russia and the Middle East seeking quality care in Italy. Our patients receive care from the best doctors in Italy, collaborating JCI accredited hospitals; our affiliation with the Med Top Association ensures our compliance with international patient care standards.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: to enable patients, corporations, institutions and insurance companies the opportunity to select affordable, highly personalized, highly efficient, world class medical care in the beautiful country of Italy. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you offer.